January 30, 2023

Documents one needs to use during Motor insurance compensation claim


Obtaining Motor insurance compensation is not an easy task one of these days with many insurance companies taking keen attention on Motor insurance compensation frauds most insured’s practice for financial gains.


The insured therefore needs to be smart in claiming their Motor insurance compensation by attaching/ using quite a number of authentic documents so as to ensure success in the compensation process


Amidst the compensation process, there are also quite a number of documents the insured needs to accompany with the compensation claim.

These document are meant to provide factual evidence to the insurer for quicker compensation process.

These documents listed here will work for accidents insured vehicles get involved in.


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The documents include;


a. National ID of the compensation claimant/ insured.

This one should be issued by the government of your country.


b. Accident report from Police.


This report contains information about insurance sticker ID number, insurer’s and insured’s details, victims involved in the vehicle accident, time, date and place the accident occured from.


c. Medical examination report.


This form is only issued by the police and that only guarantees it’s authenticity. Don’t forge your own Incase you the insured cause once the insurer notices, your claim will be cancelled and will be taken to jail for faking insurance compensation!!!


d. The medical personnel report in any case of incapacitation if at all is necessary.

Note to obtain the report from a professional medical personnel and be very careful not to use a close relative though it can work.


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e. Medical receipts showing expenses incurred in the treatment of the insured or vehicle accident victims.

Note to get treatment from a recognized medical facility by government and ensure the medical receipts bear authentic medical facility stamps and signatures.


With the case of death of the insured that resulted from the vehicle accident, the insurance compensation claimants should provide the following documents meanwhile seeking compensation from the insurer.


a. Deceased’s National ID


b. Report from the police


c. Post mortem report from a government recognized medical facility or medical personnel.


d. Receipts for expenses incurred in treatment of the deceased from a government recognized medical facility.


e. Letter from the area local chairperson 1 of the insured’s deceased’s home area confirming his residence in that particular place.


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With the help of the above documents, the insured can easily obtain their compensation from their respective insurer.


Remember that insurance is worth for your vehicle/ motorcycle cause risks are uncertainties.


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