February 1, 2023

procedure for taking business insurance policy in any insurance company


Most businesses nowdays deserve to be insured against many risks that may lead to business failure incase they occur.

Business owners need to assertain the possibility of their business to obtain Insurance.


Business insurance enables business continuity in any circumstances that losses arise in the business as a result of risks occurrence like fire outbreak, theft, loss of business capital e.t.c


Even after the above risks occuring, a business can be compensated by the insurance company Incase it was insured hence the business can continue to operate.


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If yes your business is worth to get a business insurance policy, below is a detailed procedure for obtaining a business insurance policy successfully with any insurance company.


1. Register your business and get business license


The first step one needs to put right is registering their business with relevant government business authorities. This is basically done by governments of your countries for tax assessment policies for your business. Though most individuals dodge business registration.

On successful completion of business registration, a business is awarded an operational license.


Meanwhile this operational license is one of the key factors insurance companies consider before offering any insurance policy with business owner(s) as this guarantees business continuity.


So before you start any process of getting an insurance policy for your business, first ensure you have registered your business with the relevant government authorities.


2. Asses your business risks.


The business owner (s) need(s) to sit down and assess the various business risks their business is likely to face for example risk of theft, fire outbreak, and come up with a comprehensive report on which risks they should assign a particular insurance policy because some risks are not worth to be insured and may seem minor in the business.


Business risk assessment enables the business owner too to manage certain risks without insurance, guaranteeing hence business continuity, discover loopholes in business management.


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2. Aprroach an insurance agent/ broker.


Incase a business owner is not certain of which insurance policy to take for their business, one can approach a certified insurance agent, broker or specialist.

This makes it easier for business owners to obtain the rightful business insurance policy for their business.

Insurance agents will also assist the business owner to choose the rightful Insurance company to insure their business.


3. compare costs


One needs to compare the insurance premiums and other benefits like difference in grace period from different insurance companies offering the same business insurance policy suitable for their business.


Some insurance companies charge high premiums than others. So therefore the business owner needs to take thorough consultations and research so as to make up the rightful decision on which insurance company to use.

This reduces business operational costs arising from high premiums which guarantees business continuity and growth.


4. Approach the insurance company


After making thorough comparisons of the various insurance companies available in a country, a business owner can now approach the suitable insurance company he/ she feels comfortable with to get on with the whole process.


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5. Fiill the insurance policy


The business owner now gets on to take up the desired Insurance policy from the chosen Insurance company.

The insurance company will issue an insurance policy application form to the business owner.


In this form the business owner should note to attach documents like their business registration license, national ID(s) of the business owner(s) and many other as required by the insurance company in the insurance application form.


After reviewing of the insurance application form by the insurance company, the business owner is alerted whether their business is worth for the insurance policy cover or no depending on how the business owner has filled the business insurance application form.


7. Business re-assessment


The business owner needs to continuously re-assess their insured Business. This includes taking note of all business improvements for example purchase of new business machinery, new workers recruited in the business. The business owner will then need to update such information with the insurance company because some of these improvements in the business may not have been covered by the insurance policy at the time of issuance of the business insurance policy.


This enhances easier compensation claim process Incase any loss happens to the business as a result of the new changes in the business after issuance of the insurance policy as all these will then be included after in the insurance policy updating process..


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The procedure listed above applies for generally every insurance company one is willing to take any business insurance policy cover with.


Insure your business, safeguard your business continuity.




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