March 23, 2023

conditions under which the insurance company may dismiss your  insurance policy compensation claim


Dismissal of your insurance compensation claim is very possible with your insure

of course after one has suffered losses arising from risks that were insured against, one has to make an insurance policy compensation claim


It is not automatic that after the claimant making an insurance policy compensation claim, they are compensated

Most times there are conditions which make your insurance compensation claim to be dismissed by the insurer


please take note of these conditions so as to easily be successful in your compensation clai


1. Inaccuracies in your insurance application for


The insurer can dismiss your compensation claim Incase they notice some mistakes either made intentionally or no by the insurer in the insurance application for

This includes among others denial to properly disclose the rightful health status by the insured in the case of life insurance


One needs to be very careful meanwhile filling the insurance application form with any insurance company and consult many insurance specialists meanwhile filling this form to avoid errors that might lead to dismissal of compensation cla


2. Failure to follow the proper authentic procedure for claiming compensatio


Most compensation claim beneficiaries fail to follow the rightful particular insurance policy compensation procedure. They just rush into the system or even fail to fill the compensation claim forms properly, or even fail to attach necessary documents neccesary for claiming compensation from the insurance compan


For this reason many insurance companies have taken advantage of dismissing claimants compensation for a particular insurance polic

Please be wise and smart enough to follow the correct compensation claim procudure however much long it is, it is for the better of your compensation


3. Failure to pay premiums regularly by the insure


Some insurance companies dismiss compensation claims of the insured due to failure to comply with premiums’ payment systems for particular insurance policie

In any case the insured stopped paying premiums after a certain period of time before the expiry date of the insurance contract, some Insurance companies tend to dismiss the compensation claim staged by the insured


Some insurance companies go a head to pay half of the compensation amount onl

When you are the insured, take note to always clear your premiums untill the expiry of the insurance policy and never to give up as it will assist in quicker compensation by the insurer


4. Risk exclusions not covered by the insurance polic


Some insurance companies have risk exclusions for which they don’t compensate their clients

These may include, sucide for life insurance policy, Motor accidents as a result of alcoholism for Motor insurance policy, those occurances cannot be compensated by any insurance compan


Also some risks are not covered by some insurance policies for exampl

Daniel took health insurance policy with ABC insurance company, Incase Daniel’s car is stolen from the parking yard around Town, then Daniel goes ahead to write a compensation claim to ABC insurance company, his claim will be rejected simply because his insurance policy doesn’t cover risk of his car theft

That is what we mean by risk exclusions not covered by the insurance policy the insured has taken




Insurance is worth good but obtaining compensation is worth a disgrace for some individuals who obtained insuranc


The most common reason for compensation claim dismissal is failure to follow the compensation claim procudure. However long it is, take it out the way it i




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